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Ever since I can write I write. It's my preferred way to express my thoughts and feelings. I believe we are here to learn. About us. The world. Who we are and what we are here for. Each one of us serves a purpose. We just have to find out what it is.

Dear reader,

My name is Anne. I’m a child of mother earth, a mother of a beautiful child and I’m a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). I found out about high sensitivity in 2012 and could immediately identify myself with the trait. It explained a lot of my troubles I had had since my childhood – coping with every day life. It helped me understand who I am. However, it wasn’t until recently that I heard about the Inner Child by John Bradshaw, which made me realize that the core issue of my very being is much more complicated.

In my German blog Hochempfindsam I write about my life, thoughts, emotions, high sensitivity and what it means to feel different. Most of my posts are in German but I do write in English, too. Check out my post: A Needy Child in a Grown-Up's Body

I love the great outdoors, travelling & exploring, photography, the nordic languages and I am passionate about singing (choral and solo). It took me quite some time until I dared to sing solo in front of people but now I think it’s fun when I see how it touches others and to get positive feedback of course!😊

Have fun while reading and leave a comment whenever you like!

Guest Contributions

I want to thank Eva for the following two insightful texts about high sensitivity in a relationship and the problem of finding a place in the world of work as a HSP.

What the World can learn from the Misery of my HSP Husband

Please note:
If you want to contribute to this site and have written a text about high sensitivity feel free to contact me via this blog or directly at anne[at]sprachkopf[dot]com.

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